A Prayer for the Discouraged

Lord God Almighty, here I am to worship You. You are worthy of my worship regardless of how I feel. I know all too well my feelings are fickle. You are God. I am not. Thank goodness.

Thank You for Your watchful and gentle care over my life. Thank You for never giving up on me. You are patient. Thank You for always being there. You are faithful. Thank You for rescuing me from my own destruction.  You are merciful. Thank You for cleansing me from all unrighteousness. You are forgiving. Thank You for freedom, freedom found only in Christ alone. Thank You for calling me as Your own.

Jesus, thank You for the love You showed for all of humanity on the cross. Your love amazes me.

Today I pause to pray for those struggling with discouragement or depression. You know who they are. You know them by name. You know the daily battle of their mind. You know how tired they are. You know their heart is heavy. You know they want deliverance sooner than later. You know the circumstances they find themselves in this week.

Please God, come and comfort Your people. Deliver them from evil. Be their Comforter, their hiding place, their rock. Please lift this burden. Nothing is too hard for You. May the discouraged and the depressed live to praise Your name. Give them a testimony of how great You are. Heal them and bring them hope again.

God, You know the end result of their lives and it is always good. You use hardships to shape Your people. Please Lord, let the discouraged see You in their today, in every day. Speak truth over the lies they are believing. Give them teachable, soft hearts to learn from whatever comes their way. Give them strength to fight back with prayer and praise. Do not let the enemy triumph over them another day. Victory is theirs because of Christ. May they believe that today.

Take their sorrow and bring them a new song. Lift the burden of darkness and shine Your loving light. May Your grace be sufficient for them today.

Jesus, the truth is we all need You, whether we find ourselves in a good place or not. We need You period. You are our life. In our weakness, You are strong. We can trust You today and all of our tomorrows. Following You requires perservance. The road feels long at times. Please Lord, strengthen us to walk with You. Hold our hand. Carry us if need be. Encourage us to press on to the greater prize. You! Today we fix our eyes on the eternal, for there will be our greatest reward: to see You face to face.

Oh to bow in holy worship for all eternity where there is no more tears, only love!

Lord God, we praise You. We love You. We adore You.

In Jesus’ name, amen..


  • http://susan-moment.blogspot.com/ S. Etole

    Saying “Amen” to this.

  • http://recoveringlutheran.blogspot.com Recovering Lutheran

    Thank you for your beautiful prayer!

  • Dotty Bates

    Dear Tiffany – I posted your prayer on Facebook, there is a friend that is very sad right now, and I hope she reads it and receives comfort. I have come to love you and your gentle, loving heart.


    • Tiffany @ Tea w Tiffany

      So thankful to know you shared my prayer. May God encourage your discouraged friend.

  • Elizabeth

    Thank you so much for beautiful prayers. I really need. And this calm me down. Thanks again.

    May the Lord be with you.

    • Tiffany @ Tea w Tiffany

      So thankful to know my written prayers speak to you. God bless you. I need to get back to writing my prayers on my blog. I’m still writing prayers–in my private journal.

  • disqus_n11B0779kM

    thank you for this encouragement. i broke a friends bowl and though it isn’t the end of the earth, i feel really bad,because if I had put it away properly, it wouldn’t have been knocked on the floor. i think it is really hard to be human at times.margareteileen.

  • Anna

    Thank you :-)