A Prayer for The Grieving

Father God, thank You for the gift of being able to pray to You, for others. I find comfort in knowing I can come to You and You hear and answer.

Lord, so many people are grieving right now. I know of some personally and my heart aches with them. This life is hard and sometimes even cruel. We don’t understand. We get mad. We feel abandoned, forgotten, and alone. Sometimes You allow sorrow and loss to break our hearts and we want to know why. We need reasons. We need hope. But I believe we can trust You when our “why” goes unanswered. Often this life makes no sense. But I totally trust You are always, always good in spite of our suffering.

You are good.

You are God, sovereign over all.

You know what we don’t know.

Your ways are not our ways.

Your thoughts and plans are higher.

We see dimly through eyes of pain. We hurt because we once loved. And now we’ve lost that love.

God, please comfort and peace to those who are dealing with deep grief, loss, or tragedy. You know their names. You know their stories. You know where they live and the number of their days. You know the reasons they weep today. Your Word says You are our comforter, the God of all comfort. Jesus, You are the prince of peace. Your peace passes all understanding.I cling to hope that You can change our sorrows into songs of joy. I’ve seen that happen personally.

Almighty, all powerful God. I am asking for You to Hold those who are grieving close to Your heart today. Love them in a way they have never known. Let them feel Your amazing love. May Your love be more than enough during this time. Wipe their tears. Cuddle them. Rock them to sleep. Let them know they are never truly alone. Let them know You are always there. You are Emmanuel, God with us.

And when everything in this world is lost, Your love remains. Today, forever, always.

Thank You, Lord.

In Jesus’ powerful and healing name I pray, Amen.