Free From Self Pity

Self Pity

Wow, I have been trying to type something profound and personal tonight, but I can't come up with anything. So in the name of freedom, I'm going to stop right now and just let this picture and simple phrase speak. FREE FROM SELF PITY Can I get an amen? :-)  (For previous posts from this series, click 31 day blog series: Live Free.  )   Continue Reading

Free to Dream

Keep on dreaming

(longer than usual blog post warning... 800 plus words) I wonder what you think about the subject of dreams and dreaming. Are you the dreamer type or more of a realist? Do you have a dream? Better yet, are you living one? Sometimes we get stuck in the dream process because we are either off track, it's not time yet, or there is more revelation Continue Reading

Free From Lies

Overcoming Lies

One of my favorite things about living free in Christ is the fact that I am free from lies that once held me captive.  Have you ever heard any of these lies? You'll never change. What's wrong with you? (making you believe you are wrong for existing) You're a failure. You're worthless. You're a train wreck. You make a mess out of Continue Reading

Free To Be

Be Still

Today is another Sunday so I'm choosing to write light. I'm free to be... And I challenge you to be, too. Be yourself. Be quiet. Be silly. Be present. Be happy. Just BE...     (For previous posts from this series, click 31 day blog series: Live Free.  )   Continue Reading

Free to Believe

Believe God

I missed yesterday's blog post and I'm behind still today, but I do plan to complete a full 31 days as promised. And if it takes us into the first few days of November, well then so be it. I will do that. Tonight I'm pondering the word believe. I'm so thankful that we have the freedom to believe or not to believe. I can't imagine where I'd be Continue Reading

Free to Feel

JStuStudios Flash Mob Proposal

Today was another blur. I had commitments for breakfast and then again for lunch. Then I lost focus this afternoon and into the evening because my son's surprise video proposal finally went LIVE after two long days of waiting. I'm overwhelmed by the sweetness and love and joy of this surprise proposal. Tonight, I am FREE to FEEL. I feel all Continue Reading