I Need a Nap

dog naps


I’ve had a crazy week with my house for sale. We’ve had 14 showings in just 7 days. Several were second or third visits. As of today, we have an offer on our home, of which we put in our counteroffer. So we are hot on the trail to find another one. Or a rental if needed.  And let me just be honest. I’m tired from all the stress. I’m physically tired from all the vacuuming and mopping and walking my dogs. And I’m tired of the what if’s..

So maybe I need to take a deep breath and take a nap.

And according to Michael Hyatt’s research, naps are good for me, right?

Oh, how I wish… Maybe tomorrow.


(In an hour, I’m off to visit another home. Can I trust God during times of change and the unknown? Yes, I can and so can you. So let’s be like Jesus who napped during a storm. Now that’s trust! I’m not there yet.)

(pic is of our 11 month old puppy snoozing away in the sun. Isn’t Teddy Bear cute?)