Why I Am a Writer – Video

I’m home from my weekend away at a writer’s conference. I’m exhausted but inspired. And I’m just in time squeeze in my entry for amazing contest for writers. (deadline Sunday, May 20th) I almost forgot. Thanks, Jeff, for an e-mail reminder this morning.

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Jeff is giving away his new e-book You Are a Writer (So Start Acting Like One). He’s also giving away additional writing support, plus a $100 Amazon gift card. I would love to win because Jeff writes great, he knows what he is doing, and of course, I dream of reading on a Kindle someday. :) Books are heavy.

Writers and those wanting to write, I hope my reasons (in video) inspire YOU to keep going OR to start. Here are several reasons why I write. I could’ve listed many more, but this felt like a good start. Enjoy!


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Q4U: Do written words matter to you? If so, why do you write?

My Unbelief

Some trust in chariots and some in horses,
but we trust in the name of the LORD our God.
Psalm 20:7 (NIV)

Confession: I have a trust issue. I don’t completely trust God with everything in my life. I’m better at trusting God with YOUR LIFE.

When I get real before the LORD, I admit my unbelief. I hate the reality of my stubborn heart sometimes. Even after all I’ve gleaned from God’s Word, even after I’ve heard His sweet whisper over and over, even after the body of Christ has encouraged me time and time again, I’m still prone to unbelief. What’s up with that?

Unbelief grabs my trust and puts it in a choke-hold, and I won’t do hard things for God. Even when He asks nicely. Like write a book. Hmm, God isn’t letting me off the hook here after almost three years. He’s serious and I’m a modern-day doubting Thomas. Instead of going forward with perfect trust, I sit back and give excuses:

*I’m the least qualified.
*I’m too simple minded.
*I have attention issues. I often don’t finish what I start.
*I often forget what God has taught me, so how can I possibly help another?
*What if the words I write fall short?
*My story isn’t all that special or dramatic.
*What if people can’t finish the book?
*What if my chapters are self absorbed?
*What if I’m not deep enough? What if I’m too deep?
*What if I’m theologically incorrect?
*What if no one ever publishes it? Is this between You and me, LORD?God, why me? Isn’t there someone more put together, more polished? What if I’m secretly trying to steal Your glory, God? Please no, I can’t go there…

Yes, I see the flaws in my excuses above, but that doesn’t change my heart. Funny thing is I can offer faith filled advice to others when it comes to trusting God. I encourage them to step out in faith and watch God show up, offering words like, “Whoever God calls, He equips.” Wouldn’t it be nice if I would believe my own advice? Ha.

I’m not sure why I’m writing this here today. This is something I’d normally save for my handy dandy notebook. Maybe someone out there understands my battle for complete trust. Maybe like me, you’re tired of unbelief. Maybe like me, trusting God for everyone else, but not for yourself.

If so, I think it’s time we dump our unbelief once and for all, and latch onto trusting God with everything we have: a mustard size seed of faith.

After all, God is trustworthy.
God is trustworthy.
God is trustworthy.


Today, let us cry out like the father in Mark 9:24, “I do believe; help me overcome my unbelief!”

(pic taken in Bozeman, MT last week)

My Writing

(UPDATE 12-2-2009)

In 2001, I felt compelled to write the sweet things God showed me throughout my day. At the time, I e-mailed those devotions to friends and family. Encouragement came back to me confirming my direction to write. Hard part was I was not a professional writer. Actually I felt quite inadequate about my abilities. Writing was never even on my radar until inspiration started to come. The idea threw me for a loop. Who was I becoming and why the change?

I followed my heart and have not stopped writing since.

Since then, I’ve completed the Christian Writers Guild Apprenticeship Course, along with attending The Writing for the Soul Conferences five years in a row. I also joined a local critique group and attended monthly meetings at Springs Writers .

In 2009, I stepped back from seeking freelance opportunities, conferences, and my critique group to redefine who I am as a writer. Burnout hit me. I needed to rest. Instead of writing for hire, I focused more on blogging and speaking. It’s been an adventurous year. I’m so thankful for the change of pace.

Now that 2009 is coming to an end, I’m praying about 2010. I sense change. Not sure what that is exactly, but words continue to be a passion of mine. I want to follow God wherever He leads. Communication is a driving force in my life. I value the power of God’s Word and words in general.

I’d appreciate your prayers as I ask God for wisdom about the next step/s.

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